Our Values

Core Values

Our core values drive the decisions we make, how we work, and exemplify our staff, volunteers and partnerships. Our mission requires us to be a PILLAR in the communities we serve.

Passionate – We eagerly fight for meaningful causes, no matter how challenging. Our enthusiasm for justice influences others to join in making change in our community through their service, practice and charity.

Integrity – We are committed to honesty and professionalism in all our interactions. Trust is the foundation for the integral role we fill in our community’s system of justice.

Leverage – As a team, we make a difference in people’s lives. We bring all our resources to the table to ensure that our clients feel supported, empowered and heard.

Leadership – We are leaders working to find ways to make our communities a better place to live. High standards are in our blood, and we pursue excellence in our practice and partnerships.

Adaptable – We seek opportunities to increase our impact. We listen to all ideas, embrace change and seek continuous improvement in order to achieve better outcomes for our clients, organization and our community.

Respect – We treat everyone with professionalism, dignity and respect. We keep our promises, embrace diversity, communicate with empathy and foster positivity in all we do.