Sustaining Law Firm

Be a Leader for Justice

You can fulfill your annual pro bono service goals (Florida Bar Rule 4.6-1) and become a partner in equal justice in your community by making a contribution of $350 or more to Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida. If every attorney in your law firm donates, you become a Sustaining Law Firm. By making a contribution, you are joining a valued group of supporters who are affirming that equal justice should be a reality for everyone in Central Florida, regardless of their income.


Why Become a Sustaining Law Firm?

Fulfill Your Pro Bono Requirement

Your firm will be able to report 100% compliance with The Florida Bar’s pro bono service goals (Florida Bar Rule 4.6-1).

Help Your Community

Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida is the largest provider of free legal aid to low-income residents in Central Florida, helping more than 20,000 people annually. By guiding our clients through life’s obstacles, we give them the tools they need to participate fully in our society. Your support of CLSMF will help us to promote fairness and equality in the communities we serve, which in turn helps:

  • families in crisis to secure access to safety-net food and income programs;
  • seniors to regain control of their lives after abuse or financial exploitation;
  • low-income veterans to obtain (or appeal the denial of) service-related benefits;
  • victims of domestic violence to obtain safety and independence from abuse;
  • children with disabilities to obtain the educational services they need.


Frequently Asked Questions

What size or type of law firm can qualify as a Sustaining Law Firm?

Any size or type, including solo practitioners, corporate legal departments and small to large law firms.

What is the contribution requirement to become a Sustaining Law Firm?

Make a donation of $350 or more for each attorney in the firm practicing in Brevard, Citrus, Flagler, Hernando, Lake, Marion, Orange, Osceola, Putnam, Seminole, Sumter and Volusia counties.

What do I report to the Florida Bar?

Florida Bar Rule 4.6-1 allows attorneys to meet the expectation that they render pro bono legal services to low-income residents by making a contribution of $350 or more to a qualifying organization, such as CLSMF. After becoming a Sustaining Law Firm, simply report that your firm has achieved 100% compliance with The Florida Bar’s pro bono service goal.

Who can contribute?

Contributions can be made by individual attorneys, their employer, or through a matching gift program.

Do I have to pay now?

No. Choose to pledge now and start receiving the benefits immediately. Full payment for the year must be received by December 31st.

How would a national or regional firm qualify?

The firm would qualify as a Sustaining Law Firm by contributing $350 for each attorney practicing in the 12-county service area for Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida.

Can non-monetary commitments, such as pro bono hours, count towards the requirement to become a Sustaining Law Firm?

No. Qualification as a Sustaining Law Firm is based only on financial support.

Do all monetary contributions count towards the requirement?

Yes. All contributions to the general fund, specific programs, and United Way designations count.

Thank You to the 2018 Sustaining Law Firm Donors!

Alice L. Cushman

Amanda Simmons Luby

Ana C. Torres

Andrew Lloyd Cameron

Archie O. Lowry, Jr.

Arthur J. Grant Lacerte, Jr.

Beth E. Antrim

Bonnie A. Berns P.A.

Brooke M. Gaffney

C. John De Salvo

Carolyn J.B. Lawrence

Charles R. Colbrunn

Christy Franklin Harris

Clark Stillwell

Claude Ashton Van Hook, III

Cobb Cole

Cynthia A. Doucette

Dahl Family Law Group

Daniel S. Wallace P.A.

Dean & Dean LLP

Dennis J. Wall Attorney At Law P.A.

Deno P. Dikeou

Donald Floyd Perrin

Dorothy Hukill P.A.

Edwin D. Davis II P.A.

Elizabeth Myers

Erika Barger

Gary L. Summers

George G. Daniels

Gina Silvestri

Greg E. Melnick, Jr.

Harlan Lee Paul

Harlow C. Middleton, P.A.

Hill and Ponton, P.A.

Herbert Williams P.A.

J.W. Chalkley III P.A.

James R. Lavigne

Jane Goddard Durocher

Jennifer Thomson

Jesse Ian Unruh

Jessica Langley Lowe, P.A.

Jill Vilhelm 

Jonathan W. Shirley Pa

Joseph Michael Horrox

Judith Elizabeth Koons

Kathryn Sydny Piscitelli

Keith C. Warnock P.A.

Kenneth Bohannon PL

Kenneth H. Bryk

Kirk Thomas Bauer

Langley Law

Law Office of John Karl Schwartz, Jr.

Law Office of Anita R. Geraci P.A.

Law Office of Robert Ginsberg

Law Offices of Dorothy Clay Sims

Mary Catherine E Losey

Matthew William Thompson

Michael L. Crofts, P. A.

Michael Paul Kelton

Musleh Law Firm P.A.

Nicole Sonnenblick

Paola Ramos

Patricia R. Mueller P.A.

Philip E. Morgan, III

Philip Henry Elliott Jr.

Politis & Matovina P.A.

Randall Joseph Marshall

Raymond Marshall Warren

Raymond Martin Donadio, Jr.

Richard Brooks Casey

Richard Tombrink Jr.

Robert James Riggio

Robert K. Rouse Jr.

Robert Marvin Steenbergh

Ronald G. Baker

Rosemary Kuperberg


Sandra Manjasek P.A.

Sean William Travis Smallwood

Senthia T Santana

Serita D Beamon

Shapiro Injury Group, P.A.

Silvia Ibanez

Sondra L. Turner

Sonya S. Wesner

Stakenborg Law, PA

Sultana Law, P.A.

Susan Marie Silver

Sylvia Yvonne Simmons

Tanner Andrews P.A.

Teresa J. Thornton-Hill

Thomas Glenn Porutallo

Tiffany Vanessa Colbert

Timothy Crayton Laubach

Timothy Frantz P.A.

Timothy Steven Babiarz

Todd William Gretton

Troy Wallace Finnegan

Virginia Bullerman Townes

William Akers, III

William J. Voges

William Kevin Bledsoe

William Paul Rice, Jr.

Yvonne M. Pinto