2022 Legal Matters

True equity starts with ensuring that everyone has access to the most basic of needs.” 

― Mikki Kendall

Legal cases and clients

We work holistically with our clients, assisting over 13% of them with more than one legal problem. Serving the whole person increases their chances of successfully escaping poverty.

In 2022, CLS closed 9,018 legal cases and provided direct legal help to almost 8,000 clients.

Through our casework…

CLS improved the livelihood of over 9,000 kids, 6,000 people living in homes where there is violence, and almost 1,000 veteran or military active duty people.

Attorney and Advocate Time

During 2022, our staff devoted almost 250,000 hours of work to our firm, including almost 90,000 hours of grant-funded direct case time, at no cost to our clients. Our volunteer pro bono attorneys gave over 4,000 hours of free legal expertise.

Legal Advice Helpline

When someone calls our Helpline about their legal problems, our attorneys spend thousands of hours each year talking through their options. Assistance by phone allows CLS to help more people than traditional office visits and it saves our clients time and effort.

This chart shows the number of unique people who called each month for the past three years. 2022 was a year of record demand in callers.