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We fight for the future of the most vulnerable every day, one case, one family at a time. Families like Ben’s.

“…There were hundreds of students in the same situation… As a parent and a teacher, I knew I had to speak up, but I felt I needed help; no one would listen to me about my child. And if they didn’t listen to me about my own, why would they listen to me when trying to help others? I was fortunate to have found CLS. The results have helped Ben to come out of his shell; and achieved 2-grade levels in one year. Ben’s self-esteem and future are brighter, and for the many other children in the same situation…”

Since 1966, Community Legal Services (CLS) has assisted Central Florida helping those with nowhere else to turn – those with legal issues who could not afford an attorney. Our mission:

 “To provide no-cost legal services to the most vulnerable in Central Florida and to help them protect their families, health, and livelihood.” 

Legal Aid for All is our motto.  We believe money should not be a barrier to justice, and no one should be without representation when they need it most. Studies show that 20% of families cannot afford an attorney, yet they are also outside the funder restrictions that would allow us to help them.  Legal Aid for All strives to bridge the Justice Gap. 

Our goal is to ensure that all families have access to legal help; early when we can do more.   With your support, Legal Aid for All becomes more than a motto, it becomes a reality.  Community Legal Services is committed to strengthening our neighborhoods, by making each household more stable and secure by bridging the justice gap and changing more lives every day.   

Our impact is significant. In 2021…

  • CLS provided more than 65,000 hours of no-cost legal assistance to the most vulnerable. 
  • CLS delivered more than $17 million dollars of legal services.
  • Our housing team won a national precedent-setting case for families racially targeted by a predatory loan modification service. Our team dedicated 8 years to this case, winning a favorable ruling for our clients.
  • Our children’s team secured the proper educational forum for hundreds of special needs students setting their future for independence on the right path.
  • Local pro bono attorneys worked with CLS to dedicate nearly 1,500 hours of free legal assistance to our clients and in support of our mission.

The success in our work is due to skilled and passionate lawyers, yet they can’t do their work without your generous support. Everyone deserves representation. With your tax-deductible gift, you can help make Legal Aid for All a reality.

Here are ways you can be part of our mission.

Make a monetary donation to Community Legal Services
Individual Giving
There are many ways you can make a monetary donation to Community Legal Services.
Employer-sponsored donation campaigns
Corporate Giving
Your company can invest in the future of your community through a corporate giving program with Community Legal Services.
Cy pres award giving opportunity
Cy Pres Awards
Community Legal Services is an ideal recipient of both Cy Pres awards and court settlement funds.
Volunteer for Community Legal Services
Join us in our mission! We have volunteer opportunities for everyone.

The PILLARS of Justice for All

Community Legal Services exists to champion those families who do not have the resources to represent themselves at the most challenging time. Our team, from lawyers to support staff, work with Passion and Integrity to Lead the charge by Leveraging our knowledge and resources in the best interest of our clients. We Adapt to each client’s situation; we Respect their needs, the law, and work tirelessly toward achieving a positive outcome.

PILLAR spells out our values.