Self File for Divorce – Video Guide

Last Modified: 04/08/2024

The following information is meant to assist those who want to self-file for Divorce, also known as a “Dissolution of Marriage.” The information below is broken down into 7 sections, including the Introduction and the Closing. We encourage everyone to review the sections labeled “Introduction,” “Part 1,” “Part 5,” and “Closing.”

“Parts 2,” “3,” and “4” are meant to address a specific set of facts. We recommend that you look through the titles of Parts “2,” “3,” and “4” to see which packet serves your specific needs. Each video references a “packet” of forms. The different “packets” can be found on the right-hand side column and can be downloaded. Please take note that you will not need to download every packet on this webpage.

If you wish to see individual versions of these forms, visit the “Florida State Courts System’s Self-help Center.” On this site you can search and download individual family law forms. The court periodically updates these forms. If you notice a difference between a form shown or mentioned on this CLS webpage, and the form on the Court’s website, please defer to the form listed on the Court’s website.  

For more information about the legal process of divorce, visit our page titled “Ending a Marriage.

If you need additional assistance after watching the videos, you can email us at [email protected].

Thank you to Choung Mi Akehurst of the Fifth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida for making these videos for Community Legal Services and our clients!


Part 1: General information for all people filing for Divorce in Florida.

Part 2: Information for people with minor children.

Part 3: Information for people with property but no children.

Part 4: Information for people with no property and no minor children.

Part 5: How to serve your spouse and file the forms you have prepared.

Closing: Prepare for a Final Hearing

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