Fraud & Unfair Agreements

Our world is a complex place. Getting anything done often involves a contract, sharing personal information, and money changing hands. Because of this, some people or businesses will take advantage of a person who is not aware of their rights or does not have enough information to make a fully informed decision. Sadly, this can result in well-meaning consumers signing unfair contracts, getting financially swindled, having their personal information stolen, and more.

Federal and state laws protect Floridians from many different types of fraud and unfair agreements. Knowing your rights is the first step to protecting yourself legally and financially. A consumer who has executed a fraudulent or unfair agreement may have a legal defense against unfair or deceptive acts or practices (UDAPs)—many have several legal claims under federal law and Florida law.

Below are a series of topics which will walk you through what your rights are, how to avoid falling for scams or one-sided contracts, and what steps to take if you do become the victim of shady business practices or illegal behavior.

Continue reading for more information, and if you believe you are the victim of fraud or an unfair agreement, contact CLSMF for legal advice.

The Florida Attorney General’s website also has consumer protection and complaint information for a number of highly specific situations, such carpet cleaners, cosmetic surgery, moving companies, and more.

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