Mortgage Forbearance & Homebuyers Education

Last Modified: 06/29/2023

If you are having trouble paying your mortgage, call 386-255-6573 to get help from a HUD Housing Counselor.

If you want to buy a home.

Don’t miss the opportunity of becoming a HOMEOWNER.

Is homeownership for me?

How do I stick with a budget and maintain my credit scores?

What is the role of a realtor and a home inspector?

How do I qualify for a loan?

What is a home sale “Closing?”

Being well-informed will make you feel confident and in control before making any major financial decisions. At Community Legal Services, we provide Homebuyer Education Workshop (HBEW) that satisfies most lenders and HUD’s homebuyer education requirements for housing assistance programs. We will issue you a certificate after you successfully complete the course.

For more information, please contact 386-255-6573 or 407-710-0574

Email: [email protected]

Financial literacy is the ability to use knowledge and skills to manage one’s financial resources effectively for lifetime financial security.

  • Goals
  • Budget
  • Paying Bills
  • Credit
  • Savings

Let’s start a conversation to help you reach your goals!

For more information, please contact 386-255-6573

Click here to visit our budgeting tips informational page.

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