Pro Bono Peer Academy

What is the Claud B. Nelson Pro Bono Peer Academy? 

Our Peer Academy has been designed by volunteers for volunteers to prepare you to effectively represent clients in various areas of the law. Each Academy module will be a discreet area of law. The program consists of live (virtual) training, dedicated mentors, peer email discussion groups, forms, checklists, client interview questions, additional CLE training, practical application of learning through case representation and brief advice and counsel clinics, and networking with judges and other professionals.  

Participation Benefits

  • Learn or strengthen your knowledge in a new area of law 
  • Receive CLE training, case support, access to experts and peers, and forms and checklists 
  • Gain competency in an area of law to grow your practice 
  • Practical learning experiences with real cases and clients 
  • Get paired with a mentor to support your education and casework 
  • Access to our experienced faculty at live trainings and through regular office hours and listserv 
  • Networking opportunities with judges and other professionals  
  • Recognition at our annual awards and in our monthly newsletter 
  • Certificate of completion recognizing you in the completed area of law 
  • Satisfy your professional pro bono responsibility

What We Ask of You 

  • Take a full representation case (assigned during the Academy module) 
  • Attendance at live monthly trainings 
  • Completion of two clinics or brief service engagements during the Academy module 
  • Consistent contact with your client(s) and mentor throughout the Academy module 
  • Return as a mentor for a future Academy module 

Join our Peer Academy! 

The Claud B. Nelson Pro Bono Peer Academy is a competitive program, and we anticipate more applicants than number of available slots. We are continually adding new academies.
If you’re interested in joining future Peer Academies, please click here!

Past Peer Academies: 

Bankruptcy: August 2023 – February 2024
Estate Planning and Probate: August 2023 – February 2024
Family Law: February 2023 – July 2023
Estate Planning and Probate: February 2023 – July 2023
Bankruptcy (Pilot Program): February 2022 – July 2022  

*While the programming is scheduled for 6 months, each case is unique and every court calendar is different. Cases may extend beyond the Peer Academy. CLS is committed to supporting our volunteers until the case has concluded.